The Dance performance "Infiltration" was organized for 3 nights in a row, 29th, 30th, 31th July 2019 in the heart of Berlin. The dance performance with Nora Amin and Farina Myr, members of WASLA, at WERKSTATT am Haus der Statistik, Alexanderplatz, Berlin was organized by the Arabisch Deutsches Center für Dialog (WASLA) e. V.

“The body is touched, the body is being looked at, the body is insulted [...] it is an infiltration of the self.” (Weiblichkeit im Aufbruch, Nora Amin, MSB Matthes&Seitz)

Nora Amin from Egypt and Farina Myr from Germany created a duo dealing with the diverse aspects of infiltration. Both artists are interested in the themes of personal space, autonomy, freedom, intimacy and the potential revolt against abusive practices and authoritarian powers.

INfiltration examined what it means for each of us to be transgressed, infiltrated, and dislocated from one’s own ownership of oneself.

The spectators formed an active part of the experience and scattered in the performance space, witnessing, participating by their energies, and moving around and among the two dancers.