A number of 5 members, youth workers, trainers and volunteers from WASLA, Germany attended the Erasmus+ KA1 Project ”Innovators coaching” organized by the Euro Mediterranean Music Academy for Peace.

The training course was a eight days activity, it started on the 2nd and ended on the 9th of November 2018, held in Rome, Italy.

The project helped participants to reflect on issues which are common to all countries coming from the Euro-Med region and in particular focused on the issues of inclusion and presented tools to the participants to increase the level of participation of young people through a more inclusive approach in their work.

Innovators' coaching reunited 27 participants coming from 6 countries EMMA from Italy, Arabisch-Deutsches Center für Dialog - WASLA from Germany, Social Action Academy from Lithuania, World Youth Alliance from Lebanon, Youth Spirit Center from Jordan and Oyoun Masr Association from Egypt.

Innovators' coaching project focused on how good quality coaching can increase the active participation of young people in the organization and the youth projects implemented, especially those young people who are considered as ‘at risk’ from being marginalized from mainstream society.

Through this training the participants increased the quality of their coaching and learnt how to work with young people at risk of exclusion because of their culture, believes and ethnicity amongst others.