Korfball for social inclusion

One of the problems that are closely related to the societies that make up the European Union is undoubtedly increasing immigration, radical nationalism and xenophobia to different cultures. Even in sports fields these problems are encountered. Dangerous radicalization and xenophobia are threatening the European Union. Based on this idea, WASLA team of 10 members decided to promote sport as a tool for social inclusion.

The core idea of this project was to encourage the cooperation between Germany and Turkey and to promote the participation of young people in sporting activities and their common values of diversity, intercultural dialogue, tolerance and respect for human rights.

The project took place in Berlin from 22nd until 30th November 2018. Young people from Germany and Turkey participated in the project. Most non-formal education methods will be used throughout the project. Regardless of activity, the methods used are based on the principles of "learning by doing" and "peer learning".

The main methods used throughout the project were Carousel method, Organization market, Open field method, Korfball competitions, Debates, Group work and Presentations.

Each partner had a unique role in performing the youth exchange activities and was responsible for the preparation of the korfball teams. Participants from Germany facilitated workshops for understanding the main concepts (opportunities, sports, social inclusion / exclusion, youth work) of the project, while participants from Turkey ensured young people's participation in sports activities in Europe. Participants from Germany and Turkey led together a session dedicated to the sport as a social learning process.



The project is part of the project series "Continuing Unique Stories" of the German-Turkish Youth Bridge, which is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.